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Making straw & hay pasta

In the vast world of egg noodle we have something we call paglia & fieno which translate into English as straw&hay. It is a mix of regular fettuccine and spinach fettuccine.

I love spinach so I always have plenty. I eat them into "strangolapreti", strangle the priest (bread and spinach gnocchi), or just sauteed with garlic or slightly cooked with some lemon juice. The tender leaves go directly in my salad.

To make green pasta you just add some cooked spinach that you have previously squeezed and chopped. If you normally use 2 eggs, just put one, if you use 3 eggs, only put 2 yolks and so on otherwise you'll end up with too much pasta. These I rolled out with a pasta machine but cut them by hand.

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