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About Luisa

Luisa Zecchinato was born in Verona, Italy where she grew up in a blissful family of three brothers, lovely parents and compelled relatives.


When she married and came to United States she discovered her love for cooking: something that she inherited from her grand mother who was an excellent cook.


In 1991 she started her business in cooking and catering. In 1995 she moved to Cape Cod, Massachusetts where she introduced Northern Italian Cuisine Cooking Classes that together with her catering program she named “La Buona Cucina” , good cuisine.

Her classes convey the ambience, joy and togetherness that you find in an Italian table: recipes are originally taken from the Venetian region that Mrs. Zecchinato visits often.

Appreciating so much her region, the variety of the landscape (mountains and lake), the enormous amount of history, art and vestige, she created a 6-day culinary tour to Verona that includes cooking classes, a visit to a winery and guided tours throughout the monuments and splendor of Verona.

Among things that she does when she is in Verona (besides helping her father making wine when in season) is meeting with chefs for new recipe s and tips. . Her interest could not avoid passion for Italian wines particularly the many ones produced in the surrounded hills of Verona.

Luisa Zecchinato is living in Italy but spend part of the year on the Cape where she features lectures on Northern Italian food and culture. She also travels throughout United States to promote her cooking and wine tours.

Luisa preparing fresh ingredients

Luisa's Teaching Experience:


Spring 2000 Boston Learning Society, Needham - A Culinary Tour Of Verona.
This cooking class introduces the adult student to eating habits of Verona and includes the most representative dishes of the Province such as risotto and its many ways of making it, from cured meat to pumpkin and mushroom risotto, from pears and cheese to strawberry risotto (if you can believe it), to a robust spicy meat-stew served with polenta

March 20, 2001 - A Culinary tour of Piedmont and Lombardy part 1 and 2

March 27, 2001 Boston Learning Society, Needham

Using original produces from these regions like Bresaola and Taleggio, the adult learner is taken into a gastronomic tour of two important Italian regions mostly famous abroad for its wines Barolo and Barbera. Risotto with truffle is a must, anticipated by bresaola (the leanest cured meat) bundles filled with Gorgonzola and walnuts followed by pasta with cheese fondue and veal in tuna sauce. To end with velvety mouth watering zabaione harmonized with “pasta frolla”, Italian for shortcake

November 1st, 2002 Boston Learning Society, Needham

November 2, 2002 Learning Connection, Providence
Gnocchi, Italian potato dumplings; hands-on cuisine class a real fun for the participants who would make gnocchi dough from boiled potatoes and shape them individually according to a traditional recipe of Verona or in a roll filled with spinach and ricotta. Using the basic dough gnocchi can also become a dessert if filled with apricots and brown sugar as in the customs of the region of South Tyrol, Bordering Veneto

April 21-22, 2003 Boston Learning Society and Learning Connections
Making Homemade Pasta; A typical hands-on class that involves all participants in the making, shaping and filling of pasta. A real fun for everybody and a feast for the palate! Pasta recipes includes some Northern Italian staples like Lasagna Bolognese and tortellini with pumpkin and filled fried pasta for dessert


April 19, 2004 Learning Connection, Providence


April 20, 2004 Learning Connection Rode Island
Cooking with Polenta: this class introduces the history of polenta from its starting and booming phases back in the 16th century after it was introduced from the New World by Christopher Columbus, to these days: its importance throughout centuries on the Venetian tables and Padana Valley area and its more contemporary use. The preparation involves the traditional cauldron and utensils
The course includes the making of Polenta, bake polenta for an appetizer, sauté polenta to match a main dish and polenta again to make traditional cookies of the Venetian area


November 20 2005 Cambridge Adult Education Center, Cambridge Mass


November 21 2005 Learning Connection, Providence RI - Cooking with Parmigiano Reggiano


2000 to now - Half-day Cooking & Cooking At The Villa


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