April 10, 2020

Here in Verona we have some typical simple cookies that we make for Easter, they are called "Ciambelle Pasquali". This is a traditional recipe that requires ammonia, Ammonium Carbonate

Here is a very simple recipe which produces about  55 biscuits.
 - 500 grams, about 2 pounds unbleached organic flour (I use a combination of spelt and whole wheat)

- 200 grams, about 7 oz, sugar (I reduced it to 150 grams, about 5.2 oz.)

- 150 grams of butter, about...

April 10, 2020

In the vast world of egg noodle we have something we call paglia & fieno which translate into English as straw&hay. It is a mix of regular fettuccine and spinach fettuccine.

I love spinach so I always have plenty. I eat them into "strangolapreti", strangle the priest (bread and spinach gnocchi), or just sauteed with garlic or slightly cooked with some lemon juice. The tender leaves go directly in my salad.

To make green pasta you just add some cooked spin...

April 10, 2020

In Italy we stopped going out since Wednesday March 11 and on Sunday March 8 we were able to go to a nice restaurant. I'm still thinking about that since that was my last chance of eating out.
Well, I've been cooking three meals a day, and enjoyed it very much.
I'd like to share the first recipe I got from a website I love. It's about pain brioche which I adore. This has been done without kneading which I think is great!. Try it and you'll love it!!!

January 29, 2020

Julia Child’s home sits in the south of France and was unknown to me until some friends proposed to spend a week there. The house was for rent, not belonging to Julia anymore but kept in its original shape-especially the kitchen.

Off we went in the morning of December 6, my husband and I driving from Verona-Italy. The drive across the Padana Valley is boring and sometime foggy but the sky clears over the Appenini mountains and at sea reach the temperatures s...

January 22, 2018

A delicious winter dish is pasta with broccoli.
Where I live, near the hills of Custoza a type of broccoli, called “broccoletti di Custoza) occupy few patches left from every present vineyards providing some income to the people who grow them.
In the last few years there has been an organization of producers protecting this amazing vegetable which it’s now being sold all over the territory in bunches of about 5-6. So, when I drive to Custoza I not only enjo...

December 19, 2017

Carlo Meroni, the owner of the winery I do some cooking classes at called me one day early afternoon as he had two guests filming his winery and the story behind the Amarone wine.

He asked if I could go over and prepare a risotto with Amarone wine. I was available so went over and met a lady and a man, both British. They ended up wanting to film me cooking the rissotto!

We all ended sitting and tasting the risotto with other delicacies Carlo offered like pros...

December 17, 2017

Click here to watch more of our videos on YouTube and to see us finding truffles with our cookery school guests.

November 11, 2016

Two weeks away from work. I fear that for too many of today's newsroom managers, that kind of getaway is more likely to be related to hospitalization than to vacation. Even for those of us who teach journalists at Poynter, a two-week holiday is a blessing. 

I was blessed in May. As my oldest son Noah graduated from Indiana University, my husband Neil dreamed up an extraordinary trip for the family. He identified that rare slice of time: a two-week win...

August 16, 2013

If you happen to visit the lovely city of Verona, Italy and are looking for a wonderful experience off the beaten path (literally and figuratively), check out Luisa Zecchinato and her cooking classes–Cooking at the Villa.

My friend and I recently went to Verona, and we really wanted to take a cooking class from an authentic Italian chef.
We found Luisa on the Internet (google cooking classes in Verona). On her website, there was also an offer for a truffle...

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