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Easter donuts Ciambelle Pasquali, an old-time taste

Here in Verona we have some typical simple cookies that we make for Easter, they are called "Ciambelle Pasquali". This is a traditional recipe that requires ammonia, Ammonium Carbonate

Here is a very simple recipe which produces about 55 biscuits. Ingredients - 500 grams, about 2 pounds unbleached organic flour (I use a combination of spelt and whole wheat)

- 200 grams, about 7 oz, sugar (I reduced it to 150 grams, about 5.2 oz.)

- 150 grams of butter, about 5.2 oz. out of the fridge

- 3 whole organic eggs

- 10 grams, about 3.1/2 oz. of ammonium carbonate

- a pinch of salt

Work the soft butter, sugar and eggs with an electric whisk. Add the flour, ammonia and salt and incorporate well still using the whisk. Wrap and refrigerate for a couple of hours to firm.

Turn on the oven at 160° C., 320-330° F. Line 3 baking sheets with baking paper. Roll to fine coils and make it into a ring overlapping the edges. Position each ring far from one another since they double in size. Position racks at the bottom in the middle and at the top of the oven making sure that you move them around every 10 minutes so they cook evenly. Bake for a total of 20 minutes or until nice and golden. Happy Easter!

Ciambelle Pasquali - Easter donuts

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