Half day cooking

Half-day cooking gives a knowledge of the cuisine of the area in a short time and is ideal for groups, families, couples or single individuals that come to Verona on a short stay. It is a fun way of spending an afternoon in a foreign country and learn recipes from the number one cuisine in the world. During each class participants are involved into the making of traditional and fun-to-make dishes like risottos, homemade pasta, polenta and more. Everything we prepare here is made from scratch and out of love and passion for Italian cuisine. A portfolio of recipes is given to all participants, as a memory of a pleasant time. If the preparation phase is exciting the tasting part becomes a real treat. Sitting on the patio with their love ones and a glass of cool Durello or Custoza D.O.C. wine one can feel at the same time at home and in a lovely country where warmth and acceptance is genetic. Tasting just prepared cheese ravioli with porcini mushrooms sauce and wrapped duck breast with garlic and rosemary potato quenelles, matching a glass of Amarone D.O.C., can turn an ordinary holiday into an unforgettable experience.

Cooking  up to 6 peopleluisa_kitchen

Charming ancient house part

of a once-farming community located south of Verona and residence of chef Luisa Zecchinato. In the cosy and efficient kitchen Luisa introduces you to the authentic dishes from the Veneto region, opening her house and sharing her tips for a loving cuisine. She then hosts the guests in her garden for a taste of the dishes prepared for a fine al fresco dining accompanied by wine, water and coffee. Accommodation is also available at the same location (lodging).

Cooking with a bigger group

Luisa partners with villas and wineries in the area of Valpolicella and Soave where the group can visit the cellars and have an explanation on the making of the famous wines like Amarone, Recioto, Durello and Soave. The meal will match the best wines produced from the winery.

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