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Dwight & Laurie and Richards & Gail

[ 1 ott 2016 ]

Cooking with Luisa and our stay at the villa was extraordinary.  Thank you for having us!

Dwight & Laurie and Richards & Gail

Guerriero Family

[ 14 ago 2016 ]

Buon giorno, Luisa!
My son Frank and I spent our morning making a giant batch of your zucchini flowers.
He chose to bring them into work for International Day! So your delicious recipe will be enjoyed by a Federal Court Judge and his clerks and interns at lunch today.
Frank was so proud to have something so special [...]

Vicky, Allysa and Tom Ozzello

[ 6 ott 2015 ]

Thank you again for such a wonderful time!! Vicky

Stephanie and Mark

[ 10 giu 2015 ]

Luisa, hi,
Thanks so much for the wonderful time at your B&B. The cooking was fun, the food was wonderful, and everything was perfect. Here is a comment you might like to post.
We felt right at home with Luisa and would recommend this experience to anyone interested in cooking and having a [...]

Lisa and Jamie

[ 27 gen 2014 ]

Cooking with Luisa in her beautiful kitchen was a highlight of our trip to Verona. The pasta carbonara was delicious and the company delightful. Luisa is a gracious hostess with a contagious love of food and passion for cooking. I could not have had more fun [...]

Pam & Sam

[ 4 dic 2013 ]

Time to eat!
Delicious primo of millefeuille pasta

Hi Luisa-
Here are some of the photos we took with you. I’m sending them in reduced size to fit into one email, but if you’d like any or all of them original size just let me know. Now that we’re home, we plan [...]