Cooking At The Villa presents a series of cooking classes and culinary tours tailored on individuals, families, children, groups, in the beautiful area of Verona, the fourth most visited Italian city and home of Shakespeare's drama Romeo and Juliet.

We promote good cooking habits and local produce, offering a fun and learning experience to tourists who are visiting Northern Italy. Close to Garda lake, the biggest lake in Italy, Cooking At The Villa aims at instructing food and wine lovers on the preparation of Northern Italian dishes and on the tasting of premium local wines. Luisa is ready to welcome you to your next culinary experience.

Featuring a collection of Luisa's recipes.

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News: the latest news

  • For the peole of Amatrice- a supporting continuing event

    (25 feb 2017)

    We want to support the people of Amatrice by donating € 10.00 per each dish with Amatriciana sauce that will be made during the spring and summer 2017. Many supporting events have sparkled Italy since the terrible earthquake of August 24.2016. We want to be amongst them and continue to remember what happened last August.

  • (6 ott 2015)

    I’ll be in the United States from October 14 to the 28 for more cooking and promoting the new collection of recipes
    Sorry, I will not be available for cooking classes in Verona during that time


Guestbook: our friends

Dwight & Laurie and Richards & Gail

Cooking with Luisa and our stay at the villa was extraordinary.  Thank you for having us!

Dwight & Laurie and Richards & Gail

Guerriero Family

Buon giorno, Luisa!
My son Frank and I spent our morning making a giant batch of your zucchini flowers.
He chose to bring them into work for International Day! So your delicious recipe will be enjoyed by a Federal Court Judge and his clerks and interns at lunch today.
Frank was so proud to have something so special [...]

KNOW all the people who COOKED with us!!